Traditionally, a Quinceañera court is made up of 15 young people (including you, la Quinceañera). Introducing the Corte de Honor officially kicks off the party. Each Quinceañera court member represents a year of your life, with la Quinceañera representing your fifteenth year. These 14 people are special friends and relatives whom you choose as a symbol of the transition to womanhood that your Quinceañera represents. They are also there to help you with invitations and planning and dancing the vals, or traditional waltz. As they enter the room, each court member’s name is announced, accompanied by special music selected by the Quinceañera.
Quinceañera Court Orders
Being part of your Quinceañera court isn’t just a great honor. With that honor comes responsibility. Here are a few things your Damas and Chambelàns can be asked to do:
Address invitations
Put together favors
Select the music, party theme, and other party details
Run errands
Dance the Vals, or Waltz and attend dance rehearsals to learn it
Wear a special dress (for Damas) or tuxedo (for Chambelàns)

In return for their service, you have responsibilities to your court as well:

Let them know when you invite them what is expected. If they don’t feel comfortable with the responsibilities, it’s totally cool if they say no. Just head to your B-list for a backup.
Give them specific instructions so they know what you need from them.
Buy them a special favor, like a charm, necklace, or glass slipper for Damas, or a pocket watch or shaving kit for Chambelans. Neutral gift ideas for everyone: sports duffels, cell phone holders, keychains, picture frames with a photo or collage. Bonus idea for any gift: personalize it.
Choose a dress (for Damas) or tuxedo (for Chambelàns) that is flattering and attractive to everyone in your Corte de Honor.
Select a special song to represent your relationship with each court member as he or she is introduced. Get song ideas from your fave playlists or TV shows.
Keep your attendants in the loop through email with info on dresses and tuxedos, rehearsals and reminders.

Inviting your Chambelàns and Damas Dresses
When you choose your Quinceañera court, choose carefully. Once an invitation is out there, you can’t take it back without some major problemas. The members of your court have a lot of responsibilities, and if you feel they may flake out or can’t handle it, choose someone else. You don’t have to choose a girl to be in your court just because you were a Dama at her Quinceañera. Depending on your relationship, you may need to soothe her feelings before she gets hurt by letting her know you weren’t able to choose her, and finding a gentle way to tell her why. You can honor her in a special way at the party instead. See the next section for some ideas.

Your Quinceañera court can be made up of 14 guys, 14 girls or a mix of each. Some girls try to keep the numbers even, though most girls feel it’s hard enough to choose your court without worrying about gender, too. Some Quinceañeras select 14 special friends or relatives and an escorte for each. While it makes for a beautiful Vals, it represents a rather large crowd and is less intimate than a corte of core people.
You can invite your Quinceañera court members casually in person or over the phone, or in a special handwritten note. An email is okay, but a text message or sending a friend to ask another friend would be too impersonal. Make sure when you invite them that you explain what you’ll need them to do. If they’re not okay with it for whatever reason, that doesn’t have to affect your relationship. In fact, it really shouldn’t affect your friendship if you’re close enough to invite them in the first place. Be cool and pick someone else instead.

The B-list
Sometimes, picking 14 people is a no-brainer. If your BFFs, boyfriend, sisters, brothers, cousins, and other assorted people add up to 14, no more, no less, you’re in luck! More often, though, Quinceañeras find themselves with a few too many special people in their lives and need to pare down. Like Santa Claus, you’ll find yourself making your list and checking it twice. Not for nice and naughty, but for people who are truly special to you, and who feel like they make a real difference in your life. You’ll also need friends who will take the honor to heart and help out where needed.

If a few people on your list don’t make the cut or don’t feel up to the responsibilities, they can still be a part of your special day. Here are a few ideas to give them a special honor at the party:
Grab the mike or have the DJ call them out onto the dance floor with a special song just for you and them. A short way into the song, call everyone out to join you to celebrate.
Give them a small present or token of your friendship like a locket or charm, and write them a note or even a poem telling them how special they are to you.
Younger girls can be your pajes or flower girls, and sprinkle flower petals ahead of you as you make your grand entrance.